Planning is an important part of our work. We make plans so that if there is a major emergency, the people of Devon, Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly are protected and essential services are restored as quickly as possible.

Our plans detail how local services will work together to respond to any type of emergency. Every plan is regularly updated and also thoroughly revised at regular intervals through multi-agency processes,  exercising and testing.

Following the activation of any multi-agency emergency plan, a multi-agency debrief will always take place to ensure key learning points are identified and incorporated into emergency response planning in the future.

To view a visual map of all our LRF Emergency Response Plans and those that are currently under development, click here.

To view available plans go to the LRF Plans page

Influenza Pandemic Plan

The LRF plan for an Influenza Pandemic documents our local response as part of the wider co-ordinated regional response. It has also been written to align itself to the various individual local agency plans in place.

Influenza Pandemic Excess Deaths Plan

The LRF strategic plan for dealing with Excess Deaths as a result of an influenza pandemic dovetails upwards into the wider regional response as well as forming the basis for our local response

The plan promotes a partnership approach to achieve a measured and co-ordinated result for the work that is continuing at local level to prepare for these tactical and operational requirements.

Hazardous Site Plans

We also help to prepare and maintain emergency plans for hazardous sites across Devon and Cornwall. Theses plans are designed to deal with the an incident that could have an effect beyond the site. They will help to coordinate the response to any incident at the site by the emergency services, local authority and site management company. Provisions are included for warning the public, the possible effect on the environment and, where necessary, evacuation procedures.