If you have been affected by flooding, there is detailed advice and guidance from the Environment Agency by viewing their website.

Flooding can pose a serious hazard to lives and property. By taking simple precautions you can minimise the damage caused by flooding. The Environment Agency ‘Floodline' service offers flood warnings for England and Wales. The Floodline service can be accessed day or night for real time flood warnings and advice on:

FLOODLINE 0845 988 1188 

The Environment Agency also offers practical advice for coping with floods, and minimising the damage that flood water can cause. Such as

  1. Am I at risk of flooding
  2. Flood Preparation for Businesses
  3. Flooding a guide for Older People
  4. Flood warnings in force
  5. Prepare for flooding
  6. Online flood library

The Environment Agency's three steps to take to prepare for flooding:

  1. Visit the Environment Agency website or call our 24 hour Floodline on 0845 988 1188 to find  out if you are at risk of flooding
  2. Find out if flood warnings are available in your area
  3. Make sure you understand the flood warning codes so you know what to do when a flood warning is issued

If floods are imminent, people must:

  • Co-operate with emergency services and local authorities - you may be evacuated;
  • Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies at the mains. Find out where these are well in advance of any flood;
  • Put plugs into sinks and weigh them down with something heavy;
  • Move sentimental items like photographs upstairs and think about storing them more safely in future in case you forget or don't have time to move them during a flood;
  • Move as many possessions upstairs as you can.

Stoke Canon, Devon November 2012