Exercising should be regarded as an integral part of the emergency planning process - not an isolated option. The Devon, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Resilience Forum (LRF) has a three year Training & Exercising Programme in place to enhance our emergency preparedness capability and ensure we have identified and trained our key staff to respond in the event of an emergency.

Exercises have three main purposes:

  • To validate emergency plans
  • To train staff, develop key staff competencies and give them practice in carrying out their roles as outlined within emergency plans; and
  • To test well-established proceduresExercises bring together those that may be involved in incident response and allow them to scrutinise decisions made around a fictitious scenario. Scenarios are usually based upon local risks and reflect reality as far as is practicable.

After any exercise, emergency plans should be reviewed and amended from lessons learned before the process starts again.

In support of the Training & Exercising Programme, the LRF has developed a Training & Exercising Protocol which outlines the aims and objectives of exercising, the types of exercises used for validation and testing emergency response, reporting and accountability lines, details for cost recovery and the structure for planning exercises in line with the Programme.

Click here to download the Training & Exercise Proforma template.